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No Cows = No Countryside

This is the Campaign for Fair Trade for British Farmers.

There's an old saying, 'Charity begins at home' but that's widely disregarded these days.

People think fair trade is something only farmers in developing countries need.

But most people have never considered the following:

-Fair trade puts a 'fairer' price into the pockets of some poorer growers.

-But, what they are growing is a cash crop to sell to us.

-People in their country may be starving for lack of cheap food (or any food).

-But the food the farmers are growing will be sold to us, the western world, who have plenty of farmers of our own. 

-We can pay more for the food then the people of the country can, and we still consider it to be cheap.

-So the people of the country continue to go hungry.

-Some of the farmers have a better income than they would have if they could not sell to us and had to sell to their own hungry people.

-And we pay our own farmers less then the cost of production for what produce we are prepared to buy at home.

-Paying someone less then the 'manufacturing' cost can only ever have one result, and British farmers are going bankrupt in droves, and have been for years.

-And apparently no one cares, assumably because they are at 'home', not thousands of miles away.

And those who might not consider British farmers worth the same humanitarian concern as the small cash crop grower in the developiong world should also consider the fact that without farming, the countryside that we know and love will not survive. Farming makes the countryside what it is.

This is without even mentioning the ecological damage caused by the growing and transporting of cash crops half way around the world. OK, so we can't grow coffee, and bananas are something of a challenge too, and it's better to pay a fairer price to smaller growers for things we do need from abroad. But we do not need beef and corn from South America, we can produce what we need in this country. Oranges can come from Spain, they do not need to come from America. Apples do not even need to come from France, we are quite capable of growing them. I think you see the point. If they must cut down Rainforest to grow crops, at least let them be eaten by the people who need them.

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