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This looks promising! Shame the bacteria will take so long to develop. Perhaps we could all start farming kangeroos...

Well, the link has expired from age, so i'll summarise what it was about. Scientists have discovered that Kangeroos produce a fraction of the methane of cows and other livestock animals due to a particular type of bacteria in their gut. They're hoping to adapt the bacteria to live in other types of livestock animal. However, it will take them some time to do so.

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An article called 'Ecological, intellectual and magical' by Harry Eyres, at:


Some scientists, such as Nigel Calder, think global temperatures are effected more by the sun then human activity, and that we are in more danger of another ice age then a meltdown:

Here are Nigel Calder's two books, which you can get from Amazon (or elsewhere, of course. However, Amazon is probably cheaper and you'll be making a small, free, donation to this website by using the Amazon links):