An EcoTravel Miscellany

Donate for FREE! What! How?

This sounds an unlikely concept, but thanks to the advertising market, it is quite possible. By going the websites below and clicking on the buttons, you can donate to various causes entirely for free. This is because, by clicking on the button, you prove that you have seen the adverts displayed on the page, and the advertisers then make a donation to the cause. Brilliant!

I am always looking for more of these sites, because they are such a good way to prove that slow and steady and little and often wins the race!

Why not make this page your homepage and click them all every day?

It only takes a minute!

You can also find a lot of free information or goods for purchase at all these sites.


The Greater Good Sites - Hunger, Breast Cancer, Child Health, Literacy, Rainforest, Animals (

Ecology Fund - Protect 5 endangered habitats (

Red Jellyfish - Protect Rainforest and Feed Chimps (

Ripple - Clean Water, Sustainable food, Education, Loans (

Click 2 Donate - 10 Causes: Global Warming, Rainforest, Baby Seals, Ocean life, Big Cats, Primates, Children in Need, Pets in Need, (

Free Rice - for the hungry... (

Good Search - Donate every time you search the web... (

Hunger Fighters - Donate food to the hungry (

Hungry Children - Feed Hungry Children... (

Por Los Chicos - Feed Hungry Children in Argentina... (

Bhookh - Feed the Hungry in India (

Just-1-Click - Different cause each month (

Earth Works International - NORTH AMERICAN ONLY site (

Greater Good Network


All the above links are part of one overall charity, so you can go to any of these sites by clicking on just one. They do a handy toolbar with a google search and a box for each site that shows whether you have clicked each day - and therefore reminds you to do it!

Check out The Hungersite's 'Goats for Rwandan Families', where the money you pay actually buys a pair of goats for a needy family: or their other mercy kits, which include School supplies for Afghan schools and school uniform for African would-be schoolgirls:

At the above site you can donate for free towards all the following projects:

South American Rainforest, Reduce Pollution, Protect Endangered Species, United States Wilderness, Canadian Wildlife, Western U. S. Wilderness and Nature Reserves in Scotland.

At the bizarrely named Red, you can save rainforest, or feed chimps, both for free.

Also, see Red Jellyfish for a beautiful range of free ecards: and for fun and interesting ecological news.

Click above for the main menu of 4 causes or below for individual causes:

Water - 1 click = 6 days access to clean water,

Oxfam - Help a Village Feed Itself,

Oaktree - 1 click = 2 days access to Education,

Grameen - 1 click = $100 loan financed

Click below to go to the causes :

Global Warming, Rainforest, Breast Cancer, Ocean life, Big Cats, Primates, Children in Need, Pets in Need,


N.B. There is also a page where you can click to save baby seals from hunters if you've really got nothing better to do. I don't particularly see why hunting unendangered seals should be illegal, but there we are.

There is also a page where you can click to 'Stop Violence against Women'. Certainly a worthy cause but I do not choose to display a link to this because the sponsorship money is coming from the pro-abortion charity Amnesty International.

There is one more page where you can click to 'Stop Breast Cancer'. Another very worthy cause, but for some bizarre reasons 'Komen for a Cure' which purports to be a charity seeking to cure Breast Cancer, also donates money to abortion providers! So no link here!

When i first heard about this i admit i thought it was going to be some silly game that no one would want to bother with, but i was very pleasantly surprised. On this site you answer multiple choice questions that ask what a word means. For every word you get right, 20 grains of rice are donated through the UN to those in need. It's actually VERY good for your vocabulary, which makes it doubly worthwhile!

GoodSearch: You Search...We Give!

This is a search engine that you can use just as you would use Google, but you set it up so that every time you search a donation is made to a charity of your choice. You can download a toolbar, for even more convenient searching...

Daily Clicks donate one cup of free food to fight hunger, like it says...

The site has now, thankfully, been redesigned. The button is now large and yellow.

I will update the picture above when i have time.

Click here to feed the hungry children of Argentina

Click to feed the hungry in India

Just-1-Click at

Click above for Youth Noise, which chooses a different charity each month to support. (Above picture, a previous recipient of free click funds, Heifer International, which helps to supply livestock to impoverished people.)

On the main site, Youth Noise, i am bemused to see a channel for Animal Rights complete with adverts for ALF, right along with a channel against Violence... a few wires crossed there, i think!

Unfortunately this is an NORTH AMERICAN CLICK only site: